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It would make sense for Apple to consider getting these advanced LCD panels from JDI since they are smaller than older LCD screens at just around .
The LCD panels are back-lit to make them easier to view in bright environments, provide a higher resolution, are slim in construction and light in weight, and have a low power consumption.
By combining advanced LCD technology of Sharp with the highly efficient technology of the strategic partner CEC, Sharp will establish a system to provide highly competitive LCD panels and modules in a stable and timely manner, and steadily grow its LCD business.
In addition, Sharp is planning to start operation of a new LCD panel plant in Sakai-city from this October, as well as starting LCD panel production project in China.
An instant hit when they became available in 1986, LCD panels remain popular due to their low cost, ease of use, and portability.
However, LCD panel and TV market conditions have now changed.
According to iSuppli's forecast, for the full year of 2009, large-sized LCD panel shipments will rise to 516.
Behind the realignment moves is the fact that LCD panel production requires huge investments, leading some electronics makers to seek partners to share costs, the observers said.
This in turn has led to increased demands from LCD panel makers on the makers of LCD color filters to boost production facilities for sixth generation LCD color filters.
3) Ultraviolet induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment: Photo-alignment technology that can precisely control the alignment of LCD molecules in a simple LCD panel structure.