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The association between the LD50 value of the anti-leishmanial and insecticidal activity with chemical classes is given in Table-4.
Adults earthworm were treated with their respective LD50, thereafter, at 48 hours post treatment the treated earthworms were taken and homogenized through "laboratory Disperser".
Determination of LD50 Dose: Lethal dose 50 (LD50) was calculated by method described by Reed and Muench (1938).
For characteristic of the enzymatic activity of the small intestine there was performed study of the activity of dipeptidase, amylase, invertase and alkaline phosphatase in the homogenate of the mucosal membrane from proximal and distal parts in multiple effects of pesticide decis in toxic dose (1/20 LD50 ) during 4 months.
LD50 was determined in 800mg of malathion for kilogram of dry soil.
LD50 of Confidor and Butril-M for the agrobiont spider species,
El efecto agudo de Malathion en inyeccion intraperitoneal unica, de 1/12 la LD50 en raton fue analizado 1,8,16,35 y 40 dias despues de la inyeccion, evaluando proliferacion y apoptosis de las celulas espermatogenicas y dano de las celulas de Sertoli, estudiados por la deteccion inmunocitoquimica de citoqueratina (usando CK-18).
LT50 and LT95 and LD50 and LD95 values were calculated using statistical software Minitab (14.
Lepidoptera: Plutellidae), larvae reported that smaller droplet sizes for both ultra low volume and water emulsion sprays of permethrin produced lower LD50 values than did larger droplets.
LD50 dose was determined by the method that this is based on previous studies, a certain amount of rabbits died within half an LD50 was Based on the above doses were determined.