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SDK has established a wide-ranging product line of GaN-based LED chips covering the wavelengths from 390nm (near ultraviolet) to 555nm (pure green), in addition to the already commercialized aluminum-gallium-indium-phosphide (AlGaInP) red to yellow-green LED.
LSG is the first company to market with a high-output, dimmable, Edison base LED bulb.
Using advanced LED technology and taking a requirements-driven solution approach, LightSpeed develops complete solid state lighting systems designed to accelerate the performance, cost and reliability benefits of LED light sources," said Eskow.
Our sustainability team and senior management recognize the game-changing impact of GE's cutting-edge refrigerated case LED solution," notes Zimmerman.
This report expatiates upon the development and future outlook of Chinas LED application market, profoundly analyzes "hot" LED application markets including the display panel market, the backlight market, the landscape illumination market, the interior decorative lights market and the most potentially prosperous interior illumination market and elaborately studies the market scale, product structure, market configuration, brand fabric and market characteristics of LED.