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When the newly developed near ultraviolet LED is combined with the mixture of phosphor of the three primary colors (red/green/blue), it achieves high levels of color rendering property, enabling its use in general lighting.
Lusk added, "As our partner in the Asia Pacific Region, OptiLED provides us with a tremendous opportunity to work with a world-class organization to distribute our patented LED products in markets that show great promise.
Spokespeople from Seoul and Avnet envision LED breakthroughs such as these will serve as the lighting source of choice for automotive designers, commercial/residential lighting and tactical flashlight manufacturers, architects, traffic signaling and signage applications for years to come.
The initial purchase order will provide Super Vision's national sales force with SaVi[TM]LED product samples featuring LSG's patented LED lights to be marketed and aggressively sold though Super Vision's sales pipeline.
GE's inventive LED Refrigerated Display Lighting Solution is a strategic tool in Wal-Mart's pursuit of a 30 percent reduction in energy and 20 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at our stores.