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TO LIE. That which is proper, is fit; as, an action on the case lies for an injury committed without force; corporeal hereditaments lie in livery, that is, they pass by livery; incorporeal hereditaments lie in grant, that is, pass by the force of the grant, and without any livery. Vide Lying in grant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The LIA agreed in August 2007 to set up a $2bn Libyan-Qatari investment fund equally shared with Doha's SWF, Qatar Investment Corp (QIC).
Al travestido le impresiona la intrepidez de lia al decidir vivir con el, un desconocido; no obstante, lo que mas le interesa es que sea adolescente, casi nina, pues eso la hace candidata ideal para la explotacion.
"With the amazing support from the GoFundMe page it is making it possible for us as a family to do fun things when Lia is well enough.
The consequences could have been tragic." Lia was jailed for eight months and the judge made an order for the knuckleduster to be confiscated.
With simple efforts such as these, Lia hopes that she is making a difference in the world.
The infectious enthusiasm among the trainees is clearly a high point of LIA. For example, when we asked JICA trainees about the meanings of LIA in Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua, many answered that "activities for life improvement were engaged in gradually ('poco a poco') by rural women, mainly making use of locally available resources." While we do not think this kind of answer is incorrect, there is an urgent need to put forward a model and framework that will help to maintain the distinctive characteristics of LIA, which is the primary purpose of this article.
LIA. The EUROLINE test (Euroimmun AG) enabled detection of 14 autoantibodies against RNP, Sm, Ro/SSA60, Ro/SSA52, La/SSB, Scl-70, Pm-Scl, Jo-1, CENP, PCNA, nucleosomes, histones, ribosomal-P, and AMA-M2.
According to the ( official website of Lia Diagnostics , usually, the pregnancy test kits' waste produces nearly two million pounds of plastic every year in the United States which can just be avoided with the new product.
The company added that the Lia pregnancy test is the first and only US FDA-cleared, flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test.
Diore lia, who had a racing Post rating of 52, was trained by John Jenkins when she was declared to run in the Derby, for which she was 1,000-1.
Lia remains cognizant of Scarlett's life only through public advertisements for her new films.
2009), and a restricted resource base and depen-dance on Europe during the beginning years of the LIA probably doomed the Norse colonists in Greenland (McGovern 1980).