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An event, circumstance, influence, or element that plays a part in bringing about a result.

A factor in a case contributes to its causation or outcome. In the area of Negligence law, the factors, or chain of causation, are important in determining whether liability ensues from a particular action done by the defendant.

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n. 1) a salesman who sells in his/her own name on behalf of others, taking a commission for services. 2) something that contributes to the result.

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1 a mercantile agent. An agent who is in the ordinary course of business entrusted with goods or documents of title representing goods with a view to their sale. A factor has a lien over goods entrusted to him; this lien covers any claims he may have against his principal arising out of the agency. Most factors will be mercantile agents (and have the powers of such) for the purposes of the Factors Act 1889. Under this Act, in certain circumstances a factor may pass a good title to goods entrusted to him.
2 an institution to whom a company assigns its book debts (see FACTORING).
3 in Scotland a landlord or superior's agent.
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