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At the first study visit of each person, CD4 counts averaged 535 and viral loads averaged about 20,000 copies.
In the new pack, a bungee cord suspends the load from an external frame.
Microprocessor control scans and loads up to 32 vacuum receivers.
Loads carried on a trailer with two structural walls that extended to the height of the load should be secured with three tie-downs per stack.
This paper describes the behavior and failure modes of joints loaded with dynamic forces that simulate hurricane wind and impact loads on residential structures.
When an hour of downtime can equal a loss in millions of dollars, firms need to be certain their networks can handle performance loads and severe data spikes.
A new option for foundry equipment with vertical loads is the Single Action Safety Catcher from Midwest Technology, Inc.
Basic research could look for the mechanisms involved, either in sooty mangabeys, other animals, or in any humans known to tolerate a high HIV viral loads and remain healthy.
DCX engineers led by Sudhakar Medepalli of Loads Analysis Group, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, have developed a new method that provides the best of both the experimental and virtual worlds by physically measuring a minimum set of loads and using them as input to a virtual prototype that calculates the rest.
The next-largest load executed by the 841st covered 296,095 square feet and was also loaded on the Dahl in March 2000.
0, a powerful data exchange solution, which represents the first extract, transform and load (ETL) tool to support Teradata's TPump loader and is among the first to offer in-memory streaming of data into all the Teradata loaders.