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Prozanski praised LRI, calling the company a great asset to the state.
No seasonal pattern of the incidence of the overall ARI, URI, or LRI was observed (Figure 4).
If the Administration succeeds with a proposal to reimpose laboratory coinsurance outright, most of the LRI savings would evaporate.
The Oregon Employment Department scrutinized LRI, and a department hearings official ruled that LRI's at-home workers should be classified as employees and given all the perks that employees are due.
50 LRI with each of 42 specialties' average reim bursement for lab services under fee-for-service methodology.
The completion internal self-assessment surveys; the implementation of Baldrige and other quality improvement tools; and, now, the strengthening of the Quality Management Department with the addition of Mike Smith, LRI and its related services are well on the way in the quest for excellence.
We've been following the LRI National Coalition for a long time," said Maggi McQueen, chairman of the board of the Lupus Foundation of Florida, Inc.
From these efforts, ESI was then able to adapt PAM-QUIKFORM and PAM-RTM, simulation solutions for thermoforming and manufacturing of plastics and composites, to the industrial simulation of draping and LRI of binder yarn composites.
The LRI process, especially for large scale structures, is not yet well mastered and validated simulation tools are a necessary requirement to properly industrialize this technology.
Sameer KC and Nafeez Sheikh bowled with discipline as LRI could manage just 73 runs for the loss of seven wickets.
1653) investigated the impact of formaldehyde exposure on LRI incidence during the first year of life among 2,940 infants in the PARIS (Pollution and Asthma Risk: an Infant Study) birth cohort study.
a researcher in the Lerner Research Institute (LRI) of Cleveland Clinic, in close collaboration with other researchers in both LRI and the Taussig Cancer Institute of Cleveland Clinic, collected blood samples from patients with CLL and tested the ability of a new drug to kill the cancerous cells.