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Buyer or purchaser; an individual to whom anything is transferred by a sale.

The term vendee is ordinarily used in reference to a buyer of real property.


n. a buyer, particularly of real property.

See: consumer, customer, patron


a person to whom something, especially real property, is sold; a buyer.

VENDEE, contr. A purchaser; (q.v.) a buyer.

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As a disciple of Burke he stands up for constitutional monarchy against the Jacobinism of liberty, equality, and fraternity, which really scared him; as a product of the Scottish Enlightenment with its emphasis on society he analyses the |primitive' virtues of the Highland clan system and finds analogues in the peasantry of La Vendee and in the Czar's Cossacks; and he has a penetrating description of Paris in defeat, a mixture of humiliation, frippery, and affectation, the sublime and the ridiculous.
Contract notice: Vehicle purchases, chassis and equipment for the needs of sdis la vendee.
5 kilometres run from Challans to Les Essarts in the La Vendee region of France.