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38] Labe in fact employs precise Renaissance musical terms in line eight: feignant, which denotes the introduction of an accidental into a musical line, to modify a particular pitch; and plein, to denote an unaltered pitch.
Granted, Louise Labe was no ordinary woman, but one wonders at times if she were as cultivated as Rigolot makes her to be (is it his own erudition that shows through his reading of the Euvres - another example of impersonation?
Throughout her prose and poetry, Labe demystifies erotic idolatry and, linking desire and power, she gives woman a unique and vibrant voice: creative on the literary stage and recognized and revered in society.
No other warm intrusions were very close to this," Labe said in an interview, describing a data set maintained by the Danish Meteorological Institute that dated back to 1958.
In combining the near-term Bel Air Project with the world class resource base at the Labe Project, we believe that Alufer is perfectly positioned to be a core part of the solution to China's bauxite requirements for the next 20 years.
Feitas essas consideracoes iniciais, o nosso trabalho se propoe a analisar alguns dos sonetos de Louise Labe para observar como a tematica erotica e desenvolvida.
Previously Manager of Client Relations with Francis Cauffman, Labe has also served as Director of Business Development at architecture firm Burt Hill, and Recruiting Principal at API Partners LLC.
The components of the construct are not new, bur their combination in the feminized context of these works stands out as a provocative intertextual echo between Christine and Labe.
She shows how female authorship was formed in the imagery, thematics, and voices of texts by Dames Des Roches, Louise Labe, Helisenne de Crenne, and Marie de Gournay, as well as their title pages, engravings, and typeface, all of which was a product of often fraught negotiations between writers and book producers.
Retail mafia:After jobs at Abererombie & Fitch and a Noho clothing store, CuDi released "Day N Night" through A-Trak's Fool's Gold labe and then followed with the A KiD Named CuDi mixtape.
In the third and fourth chapters, which examine French cultural contexts, Italian influences are clear: the salon of the Countess of Retz and the works of Louise Labe indicate how the late medieval Querelle des femmes extends into the Querelle des amyes, drawing the intellectual discourse of the woman question to bear on the behaviour of both men and women in love.
Louise Labe 2005 is a collection of nineteen essays dedicated to the author of the 1555 (Euvres.