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[7.] Aoues, K.; Moummi, N.; Zellouf, M.; Moummi, A.; Labed, A.; Benchabane, A.
Labed (2001), Reflected backward stochastic differential equations with super linear growth coefficient, (2001), International conference on stochastic analysis and applications, 22-27 October 2001, Hammamet, Tunisia.
The movie stars French actress Soko and Ariane Labed, who is from Greece.
Today at AOL's NewFront event at the South Street Seaport in New York City, director Yorgos Lanthimos and stars Colin Farrell and Ariane Labed of the Jury Prize winning film at the Cannes Film Festival The Lobster will conduct a live BUILD interview in a build-out replica of the new studio.
Un taux plus eleve qu'en Europe [beaucoup plus grand que], indique le directeur de la recherche, de l'innovation et du transfert technologique au ministere de la Poste et de TIC, Sifeddine Labed. D'apres la representante de la commission europeenne, Heba Gaber, le taux de succes des projets en Europe ne depasse pas les 13%.
Since he's no good at hunting Loners, among other things, David's time is soon expired but -- with the help of the mysteriously sympathetic hotel chambermaid (Ariane Labed) -- he makes an escape.
Also in attendance were director Yorgos Lanthimos and cast members Jessica Barden, Ben Whishaw, John C Reilly and Ariane Labed.
Directed by Fabienne Godet and starring Benoot Poelvoorde and Ariane Labed, the film tells the story of Antoine, a joyful but disenchanted photographer whose only true friend is his often-absent neighbour's son, seven-year-old Mateo.