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Directed by Fabienne Godet and starring Benoot Poelvoorde and Ariane Labed, the film tells the story of Antoine, a joyful but disenchanted photographer whose only true friend is his often-absent neighbour's son, seven-year-old Mateo.
Given the continued fast pace of technology innovation and globalization, this was an ideal time to expand our footprint to ensure we are best aligned to support the needs of our growing membership base," said Jamal Labed, President of AFDEL.
The station said six journalists were injured: Muhammad al-Akhras, Hazem al-Da'our, Khadar Al-Zahar, and Darwish Bulbul, all employees of Al-Quds; Hussein Al-Madhoun, a freelance photographer working for the Ma'an News Agency; and Ibrahim Labed, a reporter for the Safa news agency.
2) Ramdane Salhi; (1) Abdelkader Belmnine; (1) Samir Hameurlain and (1) Brahim Labed
Mae 'na un gwahaniaeth bach arall, ar waelod y ddeilen ar y dderwen goesynnog, mae yna ddau labed bychan, ond welwch chi mo'r rhain ar y dderwen ddigoes.