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But more important for the significance of her own writing is a passage that occurs further on in this 'Epitre dedicatoire' for her works (1555), addressed to 'Mlle Clemence de Bourges, Lyonnaise' and worth quoting in extenso: Labe writes of the way in which literature enables us to hold on to the past, and of the pleasures of memory:
Mathieu-Castellani locates her as intertext in Louise Labes provocative dedicatory epistle to her Euvres: there Labe displays "with ostentation her writings instead of jewels instead o f children, choosing to engender differently" (186).
Lors de son passage, mardi 15 decembre sur Shems Fm, il a indique que toutes les personnes concernees ont ete convoquees, avant que la HAICA ne prenne la decision de suspendre, pour un mois, les emissions de [beaucoup moins que] Labes [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Liman Yajroo Fakat [beaucoup plus grand que], mais personne n'a repondu present, ce qui a pousse la HAICA a prendre une decision sans qu'il n'y ait d'audition de ces personnes[beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il explique.
Even granting that he is less concerned with "hewing to interpretive protocol" than in "hearing a conversation emerge from several distinct European and transatlantic vantages" (141), the intriguing link between the disruptive function of "color" in Wyatt's and Louise Labes sonnets and an emergent idea of racial difference, for instance, tends more to be asserted than demonstrated.
Mardi 15 decembre 2015, la Haica avait ordonne la suspension, pour une periode d'un mois, des emissions [beaucoup moins que]Liman Yajroo Fakat[beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Labes [beaucoup plus grand que], respectivement presentee par Samir El Wafi et Naoufel Ouertani sur la chaine El-Hiwar Ettounsi.