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An 18-year-old woman was taken to the James Cook University Hospital by road ambulance with deep lacerations to her knee.
She said that there were lacerations, blood and grass particles found in the vagina area of the infant but no semen was recovered.
Conclusion: There is no long-term difference in cosmetic outcomes of both the sutures in the repair of facial lacerations in the pediatric population.
Proper management of canalicular lacerations require thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the lacrimal drainage system, eyelids and periorbital structures, careful examination for associated ocular injury and prompt referral to a team of subspecialists when complicated lacerations are encountered.
Eyelid lacerations are common in both dogs and cats because of their fighting habit.
12 In a prospective cohort observational study of NCAA division I players, Laprade and colleagues found a significant decrease in facial lacerations with use of full facial protection, compared to a historical cohort without a face mask.
conflict attempt N1 Meadow 3 Yes Yes N2 Tree 2 Yes No N3 Escape * 5 No No N4 Escape * 5 No No N5 Tree 2 Yes No N6 Cliff 3 No Yes (Mortality) N7 Cave 4 Yes Yes N8 Tree 3 Yes No R9 Tree 2 Yes No R10 Cliff 2 Yes No N11 Tree 3 Yes No R12 Tree 3 Yes No N13 Bushes 4 Yes Yes R14 Bushes 4 Yes Yes R15 Bushes 3 Yes Yes N16 Bushes 7 Yes Yes N17 Cliff 2 Yes No R18 Escape * 2 No No R19 Bushes 5 Yes Yes N20 Cliff 3 Yes No N21 Tree 3 Yes No N22 Bushes 4 No Yes N23 Bushes 4 No Yes N24 Bushes 4 Yes Yes N25 Ground 4 No Yes (Mortality) N26 Ground 4 No Yes (Mortality) N27 Bush 2 Yes Yes R28 Cave 2 Yes No Capture/ Puma Hound Description of injuries Recapture injury injury attempt score score N1 0 10 Dogs: two cutaneous N2 0 0 lacerations < 2 N3 ?
The aim of this study was to provide the evidence and grounds to encourage health policy decision makers to address the subject of traumatic eye injuries, eye lid lacerations in particular.
Brown notably suffered lacerations to his face in the fight.
Inspector Andy Walbeoff said: "There was one male with lacerations to the arm which we believe was caused by a knife and we arrested a 20-year-old local man.