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Mandibular fractures may present with swelling, numbness, and intraoral lacerations.
This may have stopped subcutaneous insufflation, improving compliance and incidentally sealing the laceration, which limited further extension of the subcutaneous emphysema.
The horse had a severe gash on its left foreleg, and lacerations on the other one.
Most of the injuries were drink-related, with typical accidents being falling down stairs, lacerations and head injuries.
The woman received a suspected fractured arm and lacerations to the elbow, while the other man had cuts and bruising on his head and body.
A woman aged 35 from Hemlington sustained a suspected broken neck and lacerations.
A Humberside police spokeswoman said of the accident on Friday: ``A 33- year old Beverley man sustained minor back injuries and lacerations.
Conclusion: Warmed saline was more comfortable and soothing than room temperature saline as a wound irrigant among patients with linear lacerations.
She sustained a subarachnoid hemorrhage, an orbital tripod fracture, numerous facial lacerations, pulmonary contusions, rib fractures, and a splenic laceration.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for market release of Indermil[TM] (n-Butyl-2-Cyanoacrylate) Tissue Adhesive for the closure of topical skin incisions and lacerations.
On her head were a number of severe irregular lacerations, which pathologist Professor Bernard Knight described as ``tearing rather than cutting'', including a star-shaped laceration.