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There is no way in the world that a non-nurse lactation consultant, no matter how experienced, can ever replace these nurses, particularly in the caring for the complex population of patients we serve," she said.
No other Massachusetts hospital of this size relies on non-RN lactation consultants, according to the nurses association.
Families need to have resources readily available, such as contact numbers for lactation consultants, support groups, and early pediatrician appointments.
I now volunteer my new knowledge of breastfeeding to the mothers attending the support groups and I am training to become a lactation consultant.
3) Debbie Page, a registered nurse and certified lactation consultant, founded The New Born Baby, a group for mothers and newborns.
Clearly, Lane County's physicians, midwives, hospitals, lactation consultants and moms themselves have done fine work together to make breast-feeding the local norm.
As many as 10 mothers can be cycling through the clinic, working with a lactation consultant or discussing problems and concerns with other mothers.
Vicky York of Eugene is an author, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and certified postpartum doula.
If you are being told your two-day-old's latch is good despite your having very sore nipples, be skeptical, and ask for help from someone with breastfeeding knowledge, like a Le Leche League leader or a lactation consultant.
Aimed at those preparing for certification as a lactation consultant, this textbook covers counseling and communication techniques for working with nursing mothers.
Kingsley is a lactation consultant, certified by an international board.
Maternity Case Manager and Lactation Consultant with PHMG Prenatal Clinic.