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We are that the case him is a strong and that his is not Lady Justice Unemployed electrical engineer Daood Ishaq Hussain, 31, told his traumatised victim he would send out snaps of her clad in lingerie and in compromising poses - unless she paid him PS10,000.
He got drunk on brandy and bought a set of three knives, Lady Justice Sharp told London's Appeal Court.
However, Mrs Justice Lang, sitting with Lady Justice Rafferty and Mrs Justice Patterson, said Hudson's fall from grace came after an otherwise "blameless and industrious" life.
Lady Justice Sharp, Mr Justice Edis and Judge Jeffrey Pegden QC, sitting at London's Criminal Appeal Court, heard them both challenge their sentences yesterday.
That's the question author Robert Thornhill asks in "Lady Justice and the Conspiracy," volume 21 in his award-winning Lady Justice mystery series, just released on Amazon.
Lady Justice Gloster said: "The spike of the parasol penetrated his right eye socket and into his brain, causing him very serious injuries".
But Lady Justice Rafferty ruled the punishment was "appropriate" and "not excessive".
Allowing his appeal, Lady Justice Macur, sitting with Mr Justice Supperstone and Mr Justice Leggatt, said he should have been given credit for his guilty pleas.
Appeal Court judge Lady Justice Macur said the conspiracy was on a "commercial, even industrial, scale".
In our view, this does raise an important point," said Lady Justice Macur.
Lady Justice Rafferty said the mother-of-three, whose children are all deaf, dishonestly claimed PS92,075, which she was not entitled to, between May, 2004 and May, 2010.
Lady Justice Arden, sitting with Lord Justice Lewison and Lord Justice Underhill, allowed an appeal by First Group, which had been ordered to pay PS5,500 damages to wheelchair user Doug Paulley, 36, from Wetherby, West Yorkshire.