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After finding a bungalow (September 1969) in Laie, North Shore, Oahu, I contacted Fred W.
At tehsil level, there will be debate on Science aie baharen laie at secondary level.
I favor trains instead of highways, with satellite cities in the outer parts of the island--Waianae, Waipahu, Waialua, Laie.
One daie there will come a daie Which shall quaile thy fortunes flower And thee ruinde low shall laie In some barbarous Princes power.
it is not our fault they found out too laie we were covered by another author rity.
Presidential Lecture, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Laie, Hawwaii.
LDS Philanthropies is responsible for donations to the church and its linked institutions, such as the two-year LDS Business College and Brigham Young University's campuses in Provo, Utah; Laie, Hawaii; and Rexburg, Idaho.
Scientists at the center have expanded the family of ringspot-resistant papayas to include a new specialty papaya called Laie Gold.
For those wanting to take the long way back to town, a stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center, in the north-shore hamlet of Laie, can round out a day and provide you with a solid sense of Hawaii's native history.
Highway 83 winds along the scenic windward coast to the Polynesian Cultural Center at Laie, around the north shore and back through downtown Honolulu.
USC's chance to have its best start in 29 years ended early Saturday morning, when the 13th-ranked Trojans lost in overtime to 24th-ranked Mississippi 84-83 in the Pearl Harbor Invitational at Laie, Hawaii.