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The first masterclass, "Media Old and New, and the Transformation of World Sport," will be taught by LaMay, who is also overseeing the full program.
The analysis supports observations by Abbott and Taylor (2011: 260) and LaMay (2011: 223-230) that the use of global indexes and indicators is problematic.
MINOW & LAMAY, supra note 13, at 32 ("Section 315 caused no serious problems until the advent of television, and then it quickly became clear that access to this new medium was essential for any politician seeking to gain or maintain public office.
Reagan's doddering performance in the first 1984 debate brought to the surface the issue of his advanced age and its effect on his leadership capabilities, an issue that had only been hinted at previously; see Minow & LaMay, 2008, p.
5 13[grados]21'51" 71[grados]57'63" Yuncaypata 11 13[grados]29'27" 71[grados]56'43" Ccorao 15 13[grados]28'46" 71[grados]55'23" Rayanniyoc 16 13[grados]28'19" 71[grados]55'15" Taray 23 13[grados]25'38" 71[grados]52'01" Pisaq 35 13[grados]25'26" 71[grados]51'27" Pisaq alto 13[grados]25'00" 71[grados]50'36" Coya 41 13[grados]23'12" 71[grados]53'56" Lamay 45 13[grados]21'52" 71[grados]55'13" Calca 51 13[grados]19'24" 71[grados]57'72" Urquillos 64 13[grados]19'41" 72[grados]02'52" Huayoccari 64 13[grados]19'25" 72[grados]02'44" Huayllabamba 67 13[grados]29'17" 72[grados]03'53" Yucay 71 13[grados]19'11" 72[grados]05'16" Urubamba 76 13[grados]18'15" 72[grados]07'05" Ollantaytambo 94 13[grados]15'30" 72[grados]15'50" Aguas Calient.
25 April 2012: Colin Beilman, Jake Buckland, Michelle Callahan, Curtis Dunham, Alec Gladd, Kathryn Justus, Matt Kenyon, Tim Lamay, Jeffrey Lamphier, Joshua Lopez, Hannah McHale, Kathleen Mosher, Alicia O'Grady, Jeremy Pekarak, Craig Pellingra, Michael Pittavino, Emma Poggioli, Kyle Powlina, Amanda Roach, Michael Speck, Rebecca Varga, Kaitlynn Ward, Samantha Yager.
1990), and (c) students with above-average mathematics performance (Halpern & LaMay, 2000).
Thomasin LaMay (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2005), 425-43.
He also has been chair of the Public Broadcasting Service, director of CBS and the Tribune Company, and senior counsel of Sidley Austin LLE Inside the Presidential Debates--coauthored with Craig Lamay, an associate professor of journalism at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism--thus offers a true insider's perspective.
They display a characteristic slow-fast-slow reading pattern when performing tests such as the MNREAD acuity chart (Legge, Ross, Luebker, & LaMay, 1989; Sunness, 2008).
2003; Halpern & LaMay, 2000) whereas boys tend to perform better in mathematics (Machin & Pekkarinen, 2008; Marks, 2008).