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METHOD. The mode of operating or the means of attaining an object.
     2. It has been questioned whether the method of making a thing can be patented. But it has been considered that a method or mode may be the subject of a patent, because, when the object of two patents or effects to be produced is essentially the same, they may both be valid, if the modes of attaining the desired effect are essentially different. Dav. Pat. Cas. 290; 2 B. & Ald. 350; 2 H. Bl. 492; 8 T. R. 106; 4 Burr. 2397; Gods. on Pat. 85; Perpigna, Manuel des Inventeurs, &c., c. 1, sect. 5, Sec. 1, p. 22.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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See Michaels, "Childbirth Pain Relief and the Soviet Origins of the Lamaze Method," 1-31; Bell, "Giving Birth to the New Soviet Man," 1-16.
As is the case with the Lamaze method, a period of time is needed to learn the LPA technique.
In the process of birth, according to the Lamaze method, there is a stage of labor called transition.