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He'll be stopping us slaughtering a goat in the gent's toilets on Lammas Day next.
Which festival was traditionally celebrated on Lammas Day?
Barrie continues: "The research led to some amazing discoveries, like Pat's ancestor Harry Chetham, who was Chamberlain of Coventry in 1824 when he hosted the annual Lammas Day feast in St Mary's Hall.
The Nurse recalls she was born on "Lammas Eue at night,,, or July 31, August 1 being Lammas Day. To the Nurse's question "How long is it now to Lammas-tide?" (i.e., Lammas Day), Lady Capulet answers, "A fortnight and odde dayes." Few modern editors gloss "odde days." Spencer takes it to mean merely "a few more" (183), as we might denote in "twenty-odd," but Lady Capulet is being more definite, she and the Nurse being concerned about how close to 14 Juliet is.
Most camps are in session during the summer solstice and the Lammas Day holiday.