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A lessor of real property; the owner or possessor of an estate in land or a rental property, who, in an exchange for rent, leases it to another individual known as the tenant.


Landlord and Tenant.

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n. a person who owns real property and rents or leases it to another, called a "tenant." (See: lease, rent, lessor, lessee, tenant)

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one who grants a lease or tenancy to another, usually in return for a RENT. See LEASE.
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LANDLORD. He who rents or leases real estate to another.
     2. He is bound to perform certain duties and is entitled to certain rights, which will here be briefly considered. 1st. His obligations are, 1. To perform all the express covenants into which he has entered in making the lease. 2. To secure to the tenant the quiet enjoyment of the premises leased; but a tenant for years has no remedy against his landlord, if he be ousted by one who has no title, in that case the law leaves him to his remedy against the wrong doer. Y. B. 22 H. VI. 52 b, and 32 H. VI. 32 b; Cro. Eliz. 214; 2 Leon. 104; and see Bac. Ab. Covenant, B. But the implied covenant for quiet enjoyment may be qualified, and enlarged or narrowed according to the particular agreement of the parties; and a general covenant for quiet enjoyment does not extend to wrongful evictions or disturbances by a stranger. Y. B. 26 H. VIII. 3 b. 3. The landlord is bound by his express covenant to repair the premises, but unless he bind himself by express covenant the tenant cannot compel him to repair. 1 Saund. 320; 1 Vent. 26, 44; 1 Sedgw. on Dam. 429; 2 Keb. 505; 1 T. R. 812; 1 Sim. R. 146.
     3. His rights are, 1. To receive the rent agreed upon, and to enforce all the express covenants into which the tenant may have entered. 2. To require the lessee to treat the premises demised in such manner that no injury be done to the inheritance, and prevent waste. 3. To have the possession of the premises after the expiration of the lease. Vide, generally, Com. L. & T., B. 3, c. 1; Woodf. L. & T. ch. 10; 2 Bl. Com. by Chitty, 275, note; Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.; 1 Supp. to Ves. Jr. 212, 246, 249; 2 Id. 232, 403; Com. Dig. Estate by Grant, G 1; 5 Com. Dig. tit. Nisi Prius Dig. page 553; 8 Com. Dig. 694; Whart. Dig. Landlord & Tenant. As to frauds between landlord and tenant, see Hov. Pr. c. 6, p. 199 to 225.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the present circumstances, when common tax payers are not getting rewards and benefits out of their tax payments and they are expecting that their tax money is not appropriately utilized on the amenities of tax payers but is used on the luxuries of the bureaucrats, politicians, land lords and rulers.
In the present scenario, absentee land lords would gamer the benefits of the package and not the tillers.
Earlier, Top City-1 Chief Executive Kunwar Moeez Khan has approached the court of AC stating a person Iftikhar Ali Waqar had purchased the land measuring 608 kanal and 14 Marlas against Rs 7,91,31,000 from local land lords in Bijnial and later on transferred in name of Dynaste Association for which the revenue of Rs 23,73,950 was delisted with account of land revenue department.
Moreover, the wealth tax should be enforced on the big land lords. The industrialist claim that this is discriminatory as the industrialist class has to bear the entire tax burden although they are probably contributing more towards the national wealth by increasing GNP providing jobs and putting the country on the road to progress.
Tax be imposed on feudalists and land lords, he demanded.
Punishing the small criminals willsolve only part of a very big problem and therefore big criminal land lords who illegally occupy land in this country can be brought to book.
Addressing a meeting of traders, Khalid Choudhary, Former Senior Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Secretary Traders action committee said that Traders of Federal Capital has since long been demanding for promulgation of a new rent law in Islamabad to facilitate the tenants and Land Lords as the existing law is totally skewed in favour of Land Lords due to which the tenants traders always feel insecure.
The ceremony was also attended by agriculture officials, local zamindars (land lords and farmers).
He added that this amount is also used to provide for political groups in Sindh as well as armed groups of land lords.
Mirza apprised that district administration Golarchi, local land lords and the rice mills association had together collected funds for the re-strengthening the bunds of Karoongaro Drain while the district administration would provide machinery for the purpose.
Now I will face with the biggest Land lords and hoping that the people will support me in this regard.