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A lessor of real property; the owner or possessor of an estate in land or a rental property, who, in an exchange for rent, leases it to another individual known as the tenant.


Landlord and Tenant.


n. a person who owns real property and rents or leases it to another, called a "tenant." (See: lease, rent, lessor, lessee, tenant)


noun agrorum possessor, lessor, owner of an estate in land, owner of lands, owner of tenements, propietory owner, proprietor
Associated concepts: ejectment proceeding, landlord's lien
See also: landholder, landowner, lessor, proprietor


one who grants a lease or tenancy to another, usually in return for a RENT. See LEASE.

LANDLORD. He who rents or leases real estate to another.
     2. He is bound to perform certain duties and is entitled to certain rights, which will here be briefly considered. 1st. His obligations are, 1. To perform all the express covenants into which he has entered in making the lease. 2. To secure to the tenant the quiet enjoyment of the premises leased; but a tenant for years has no remedy against his landlord, if he be ousted by one who has no title, in that case the law leaves him to his remedy against the wrong doer. Y. B. 22 H. VI. 52 b, and 32 H. VI. 32 b; Cro. Eliz. 214; 2 Leon. 104; and see Bac. Ab. Covenant, B. But the implied covenant for quiet enjoyment may be qualified, and enlarged or narrowed according to the particular agreement of the parties; and a general covenant for quiet enjoyment does not extend to wrongful evictions or disturbances by a stranger. Y. B. 26 H. VIII. 3 b. 3. The landlord is bound by his express covenant to repair the premises, but unless he bind himself by express covenant the tenant cannot compel him to repair. 1 Saund. 320; 1 Vent. 26, 44; 1 Sedgw. on Dam. 429; 2 Keb. 505; 1 T. R. 812; 1 Sim. R. 146.
     3. His rights are, 1. To receive the rent agreed upon, and to enforce all the express covenants into which the tenant may have entered. 2. To require the lessee to treat the premises demised in such manner that no injury be done to the inheritance, and prevent waste. 3. To have the possession of the premises after the expiration of the lease. Vide, generally, Com. L. & T., B. 3, c. 1; Woodf. L. & T. ch. 10; 2 Bl. Com. by Chitty, 275, note; Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.; 1 Supp. to Ves. Jr. 212, 246, 249; 2 Id. 232, 403; Com. Dig. Estate by Grant, G 1; 5 Com. Dig. tit. Nisi Prius Dig. page 553; 8 Com. Dig. 694; Whart. Dig. Landlord & Tenant. As to frauds between landlord and tenant, see Hov. Pr. c. 6, p. 199 to 225.

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Oulds emphasized that the main winner of such chaos is private land lords who take the advantage of the preferential policies of the government.
It is further added that the tax money collected is further spent on the luxuries of the bureaucrats, land lords, industrialist and the ruling classes only in various ways.
Muqabel added that the decision was signed by a military order issued in 2009 and adjusted recently, which prohibits the land lords from using their lands for construction or farming.
The land lords and company heads are kept in touch so that the women there do not face any harassment," he added.
8226; Impact of the repealed 1099-MISC reporting requirements expansion on Small Businesses and Land Lords
Decent results from retail sales have yet to be translated into rising demand for retail space, and land lords are continuing to suffer.
Private tenants can contact their land lords and owner-occupiers can contact a Corgi gas engineer or NICEIC registered tradesperson.
For some, the idea of a steward is wholly negative, suggestive of subservience and hierarchy, absentee land lords and exploitation.
He said the company had only a small proportion of its mortgage portfolio in Greater London - the largest single geographical concentration is Yorkshire - and the vast majority of its customers were professional land lords.
Agriculture could not be taxed because of undue political clout of land lords who dominate the assemblies and therefore have blocked any such move as far.
He also told the court that CDA had made immediate payment to Bahria town and other big land lords and affectees.
Every Pakistani people whether he was belong to upper class, middle class, industrialist and land lords they are save money according to his capacity and give the amount to government for cleared the loans.