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Total quantity or scope: Part 1 Determination of the market value of land ownership rights aim to establish fees for perpetual usufruct of land located within and Thunder million registered gm.
The absence of sound government policy on land ownership has made it even worse.
From the naming of places, to land ownership patterns, to the configuration of economic power which ultimately determines "individual life-chances", all these pointed to an unfinished decolonisation.
Alison Elliot, a former moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, who chaired the group, said the country's systems of land ownership and management were "not yet fit for the 21st century".
14, which governs land ownership of the Sinai Peninsula.
The dispute was over the right of land ownership in the locality of Toual El-Hadhalil, where an oil company plans to undertake oil drilling and exploration.
Bulgaria's Agricultural Committee in Parliament voted on Monday against President Rosen Plevneliev's veto on the Agricultural Land Ownership Act.
Private land ownership maps are used by professionals involved in real estate, land use planning, agriculture and energy projects, county/local governments, non-profits and foundations as well as recreational map users such as hunters and hikers.
A MIX-UP over land ownership means plans for an Aldi in Slaithwaite return to a planning committee for a third time.
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, or ADIB, said it's seeking changes in local land ownership rules that could open ownership of shares of the emirate's biggest Shariah-compliant bank to foreigners.
The Government of Kyrgyzstan has approved a project between the State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan and Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket) for the project implementation on protection of the rights of land ownership with the right to make changes and additions of non-critical nature.
New Delhi, Sep 10 ( ANI ): Launching the Delhi Government's land ownership rights scheme to 2, 50,000 families in 45 resettlement colonies, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday that untiring labour and hard work by slum dwellers has resulted in the development of the national capital and its infrastructure.