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KIGOThe government should strive to address the issue of land ownership in Mt Elgon, Bungoma County, even as it deals with the ragtag gangs killing residents.
The head of the bidding office for Veal Veng district in Pursat province was sent to pre-trial detention yesterday on allegations of falsifying paperwork for locals seeking land ownership documents.
A total of 545 farmers from seven municipalities in North Cotabato received their respective certificates of land ownership award (CLOAs) over the weekend.
HYDERABAD -- The management of Government College Hyderabad has finally received the land ownership documents after hundred years of its establishment.
He said the government, under the CARP, has distributed only Collective Certificate of Land Ownership Award, which cannot be used as collateral to access credit facilities.
The "Forging Stronger Alliances and Bridging Networks" summit next week will address uncertainty, complexity and other problems associated with land ownership, with concerned government agencies working together to make land titling easier and faster.
The delegation requested permanent solution of longstanding land ownership disputes.
Ugandan courts are currently flooded with land-related cases, with 25% of the backlog connected to land ownership disputes.
Queensland is the only Australian state or territory that produces a foreign land ownership report.
NINETY per cent of land ownership in England is hidden, say researchers.
We propose that agrarian reform beneficiaries be given unrestricted titles to their lands, instead of the collective Certificate of Land Ownership Awards (CLOAs) that rob farmers of economic freedom and private initiative,' FEF said.
Summary: In an exclusive interview with AfricanManager, Jamel Ayari, Conservator of Land Ownership, described the strike declared by the General Union of Land Ownership as "unsuccessful and unfounded".