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SPECULATION, contracts. The hope or desire of making a profit by the purchase and resale of a thing. Pard. Dr. Com. n. 12. The profit so made; as, be made a good speculation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Instead, policy makers should take action in four areas to stabilise house prices and ensure a range of affordable and secure housing options: Deter property and land speculation Immediately introduce a new charge or tax to capture the rising value of land due to development and planning.
[USPRwire, Wed Mar 16 2016] In May 2015, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa informed the public about the property appreciation law, which in fact is called the Tax of Extraordinary Value, which seeks to do away with land speculation and cut the legitimate sources of accumulation based on inheritance.
It describes the ad hoc mixture of real estate development and land speculation being undertaken in our largest metropolis, and demonstrates how this present state of affairs is clearly not capable of meeting Karachi's urban planning needs.
With the convoluted dealing of the adopted Mohawk William Johnson and the double-dealings of his deputy Indian Agent, Irishman George Croghan, whose pandering and over-extension in colonial land speculation tied him in with such luminaries as Ben Franklin and the Penn family, Croghan's affairs defied logic.
Having seen his parents ruined by land speculation in the Midwest, Garland latched on to Georgism as a panacea that would liberate farmers, workers, and artists.
This has allowed extensive land speculation for sprawling development--the very activity that these plans were intended to prevent.
Linking history with contemporary land speculation, protests and peri-urban sprawl, this book offers a valuable contribution to the study of Hanoi, of urban Vietnam and of peri-urban development in Asia more generally.
Both Conolly and Clements were at various points described as 'Ireland's richest commoner' and these papers serve to illustrate the paths to social advancement which each availed himself of: namely, the lucrative possibilities for land speculation in post-Williamite Ireland, as well as the opportunities provided by office in the organs of the expanding fiscal-military state.
These forces all converge in Sellers's first failed land speculation attempt: the city of Stone's Landing.
As a consequence, land speculation was non- existent.
Networks of roads in the Amazon and the rapid deforestation add to jobs and economic growth with agriculture development, as well as ranching, mining and land speculation, explains Barbara Fraser for Nature.