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The objectives of the study includes to investigate sweater intrusion along coastal zones of Pakistan through scientific observations to assess rate of sea level rise and land subsidence, to find out causes of erosion through scientific observation and relevant data for assessing its impacts on coastal areas.
An alarming map of the land subsidence was prepared by researchers in Korea.
The new USGS viewer shows how water levels have changed over time and how groundwater demands have affected land subsidence in the region.
2011, Potential of small-baseline SAR interferometry for monitoring land subsidence related to underground coal fires: Wuda (Northern China) case study.
Due to land subsidence (a phenomenon resulting in settling or sudden sinking of the earth's surface when large quantities of ground water, oil, gas etc.
Increasing sea intrusion and sinking of Indus delta due to land subsidence poses a serious threat to Pakistan's coastline which needs engineers' immediate attention through short and long term measures.
2) Induced mainly by human activities on a local rather than global scale, this phenomenon, known as land subsidence, can outpace sea-level rise substantially.
Dang (2011), "Spatial-Temporal Characteristics of Land Subsidence Corresponding to Dynamic Groundwater Funnel in Beijing Municipality, China," Chinese Geographical Science 21, 753-764.
LAND subsidence in the Limnes area of Pissouri is being investigated, the interior ministry said on Friday, and measures will be put in place.
Because of the rush to build HEPs, houses are developing cracks, the Ganga is drying up and the cases of landslide and land subsidence are going up.
The last 30-40 years have seen earthquakes, but also tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods and even land subsidence, a term not known in the past.
He warned: "That will cause land subsidence, which could have a big impact on construction and roads.