Land tenant

LAND TENANT. He who actually possesses the land. He is technically called the terre-tenant. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Instead of Prime Minister Plantaganet Palliser and discussions of the Irish Land Tenant Bill, Mallon gives us the first two years of George W.
He therefore says that there will be more incentives for investment especially from a land tenant perspective as well as high productivity as land moves from less efficient to more efficient production through sales and rented markets.
* Effective (actual) rent or income received by the tenant, including overage income received by the land tenant from percentage rent provisions from any retail subtenants' leases.
The accompanying grave goods, hundreds of amber beads, gold and bronze fragments, were divided up between them and the land tenant.
Charles Boycott, whose threat to evict land tenants in 1880 moved his employees to stop working for him, thereby isolating him, impairing his economic status and forcing his family to pack up and move away.
Making the investments needed to land tenants, she said, has resulted in market rate leases that make sense, but also require long-term vision.
Owners and land tenants in Strandzha Nature Park have embraced property that includes the only road to Silistar beach, bTV
These employees prepared fake reports of cultivated lands by certain farmers and agricultural land tenants, proving that they supplied wheat to certain silos and barns.
Along with other landowners along the river, the port's properties have been under a dark cloud due to the impending Superfund cleanup, making it harder to land tenants and financing for developments.
Over the years, airport staff has quietly worked to land tenants like Discovery Air Fire Services, Kasper Aviation and Morgan Fuels.
The HPR will also examine draft law nA;33 of 2015 providing for the debt rescheduling of state agricultural land tenants and the draft law nA;50 of 2015 regarding the creation of the international sustainable tourism organisation to eradicate poverty.