Land Grant

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Land Grant

A conveyance of public property to a subordinate government or corporation; a muniment of title issued by a state or government for the donation of some part of the public domain.

A land grant, also known as land patent, was made by the U.S. government in 1862, upon its grant to the several states of 30,000 acres of land for each of its senators and representatives serving in Congress. The lands were subsequently sold by the states and, through the proceeds, colleges were established and maintained. Such colleges, which are devoted mainly to teaching agricultural subjects and engineering, are known as land grant colleges.

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There is nothing comparable to the land-grant university system anywhere else.
Our conclusion, therefore, is that the original objectives of the land-grant model are still valid, and Alaska's land still holds financial promise to UA worthy of a serious reassessment.
Land-grant institutions and doctoral and research institutions appear in the study group at 4.
Again, the same question: Will extension and others in the land-grant system provide the necessary leadership for extension to become heavily engaged in these eight areas?
Kenyon Butterfield's family heritage of involvement with land-grant colleges clearly influenced his career and his philosophy regarding education.
Because land-grant educational materials reflect an author's understanding of the content and its significance at a particular place and time, attention must be given to clearly indicating the source of the information (references), who is making the interpretation (attribution), and when (date).
Other land-grant institutions face similar challenges with graduating students.
However, neither scholar fully acknowledged the vital role of land-grant institutions in defining this new engineering education.
Should we not give our best students opportunities consistent with their needs in much the same way many land-grant institutions often provide extensive resources and opportunities for under-prepared students who enter their hallowed halls?
Supreme Court Decisions Re: Florida Land-Grants (Cases are in alphabetical order within each year) U.
Through a longstanding partnership with USDA Rural Development, the 1890 Land-Grant Institutions have provided technical assistance and opportunities for business building throughout the areas they serve.
Supporting the bill is a broadbased group of 64 internet consumers, content providers, service companies, and educators--among them the Association of American Universities, the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, EDUCAUSE, and Internet2--all concerned that the internet could lose the openness that has made it an engine for social and economic growth.

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