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Babb notes that from its inception Jaipur's emerald industry has differed from older jewelry businesses that made their money by selling gemstones to the landed elite.
Particularly useful is the way Underwood navigates class structure in South Carolina: Tillman is a man of the landed elite, and always had advantages of education and wealth; his followers by contrast were scratch ankle farmers and linthead millworkers, but they liked him much.
Under and post- Zia, the PML N emerged as the representatives of the conservative, urban, middle class business community in Punjab as opposed to the landed elite in rural areas.
Government is ready to accepted humiliating conditions for loans but unwilling to nab the tax cheats or landed elite which is amazing.
This will include the work of pitman poet Tommy Armstrong, clog and rapper sword dancing and the estates of the landed elite, such as Gibside.
Gladstonian reform and the emergence of the Home Rule movement were major catalysts of change, challenging directly the economic, social and political hegemony of the landed elite.
The landed elite were a powerful force which dominated rural society, and the landlord-tenant relationship was a delicate balance of deference and dependence.
Speaking at the National Hari Conference organised by Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF), they said an overwhelming majority of the rural people was associated with agriculture and, hence, was living in virtual serfdom of the landed elite.
Their economic relationships with the new business elite in Manchester, represented primarily but not solely by the municipal authority, provide an opportunity to examine the reordering of the social landscape as the landed elite sought to remove themselves from the city.
While Witherington applies the "rich man" passages to modern Christians, the rich then were the landed elite.
Pakistan's landed elite has long been at the heart of the country's immense social, economic and political problems.
It should come as no surprise that the land reforms of 1959 failed to affect the economic power of the landed elite in Pakistan.