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Indeed, it was a form of elitist co-option, namely the despised system of lay patronage in the Kirk, which enabled the landed elite to intrude theologically liberal Moderate ministers into parishes, often against the democratic wishes of the people in the pews.
Ariel Casilao called the CA's rejection of Mariano as a 'calamitous and grave mistake' as it is tantamount to serving the interests of the landed elite.
He noted that urea companies' keeps local prices more than international market discouraging farmers, loans are uncommon, market is flood with substandard seeds and fake pesticides while landed elite and loan sharks have hijacked the system.
The landed elite of Punjab, Bengal and Sindh supported Pakistan movement and, in doing so, guaranteed their influence on the future state.
Evasco said Aquino and Roxas "belong to the landed elite who only have contempt against the majority of Filipinos clamouring for genuine and real change.
29, 1926, in Sidi Bou Sa'id to a clan of Tunisia's landed elite, Beji is a great-grand-son of Isma'il Caid Essebsi, a Sardinian kidnapped by the Tunisian corsairs along the coasts of Sardinia at the beginning of the 19th century who became a Mamluk leader raised with the ruling family.
In Europe, such painting had for centuries expressed the outlook of royalty and the landed elite, but the prospect of open and available land in the Americas shifted the focus from those who owned it to those who worked it.
Babb notes that from its inception Jaipur's emerald industry has differed from older jewelry businesses that made their money by selling gemstones to the landed elite.
Those villagers who had worked overseas became Haliap's 'new kadangyans', a term that referred to the old landed elite.
Particularly useful is the way Underwood navigates class structure in South Carolina: Tillman is a man of the landed elite, and always had advantages of education and wealth; his followers by contrast were scratch ankle farmers and linthead millworkers, but they liked him much.
Under and post- Zia, the PML N emerged as the representatives of the conservative, urban, middle class business community in Punjab as opposed to the landed elite in rural areas.
True democrats like Jinnah were an exception and, after partition, the party came to be dominated by the landed elite of Punjab and Sindh.