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He said both President Aquino and Roxas belong to the landed elite who only have contempt [for] the majority of Filipinos clamoring for genuine and real change.
Life of the dispossessed is being made difficult to raise Rs 175 billion annually but government would not consider containing energy theft worth Rs 250, Rs 500 billion corruption in the FBR, unjust tax exemptions to aristocracy worth tens of billion or imposing tax on the massive income of landed elite, he said.
The situation suggests that Government is finding refuge in which is hypocrisy and overloading those who were already paying taxes which is discrimination against taxpayers and undue favour to the landed elite. Any value added taxes can be successfully implemented after complete documentation of economy and reformation of taxation system, he said.
Richard Spooner was one of those who played a prominent role in the movement which strove to pull power away from the landed elite and make local and national government more representative.
She is particularly good on Norfolk society, the jostling for advantage among the landed elite, the relationships with and impact of the great noble families, the dukes of Suffolk, Norfolk and Oxford, and the constant interconnection between events in the country and developments at court.
One of the great merits of this book is that, considered in tandem with Catherine Patterson's Urban Patronage in Early Modern England: Corporate Boroughs, the Landed Elite and the Crown, 1580-1640, (Stanford, 1999), we now have a relatively complete picture of the political role of corporation boroughs in early modern England.
In 1980, following a coup by junior officers, a civilian-military junta expropriated large estates of the landed elite, a policy Everingham belittles because it was a scaled down version of an earlier proposal (p.
More interesting-and relevant-are things that have persisted: the entrenchment in government of the landed elite, to which Aguinaldo himself belonged; agrarian issues, which stirred-and continue to stir-rural unrest; rampant corruption; misgovernment; threat of foreign incursions.
The salaried class, business community and some professionals are paying taxes to some extent but many industrialists and landed elite are evading tax while feasting on national resources pushing country under unmanageable debt.
The dominance of the "bloody code" in recounting eighteenth-century English criminal justice is quite as much challenged by King as conventional notions of England's landed elite are by Thompson.
However, Landers could have probed more the extent to which, prior to the Reformation, rulers actually sought such a system; instead most preferred co-operation with the landed elite. Indeed, there is a latent teleology in his analysis that invites debate.
A common assumption about Honduras asserts that the country "is so poor it can't even afford an oligarchy" and because its landed elite did not share in the opportunities presented by the banana industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the elite's struggle for power was intertwined with the civil-military relations that played out in every national election.