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The author was born into an Essex landed family originally of Quaker background.
One, Alain, is an orphan from a landed family who was raised in the monastery when his parents died.
The chief of this landed family can usually be found of a night dancing away at the discos.
I have found that a local landed family here in Fife, the Christies of Dune, are descended from Loyalists from Baltimore.
Here Spring emphasizes her belief that her work is different because she focuses on the emotional history of the landed family which is "at odds with thinking on the subject" (p.
Although he came from an old Liberal landed family, he was convinced that morally and politically Liberalism was exhausted and impoverished and that the banner of progress was more fit to be carried forward by the Labour Party.
I remember a conversation I once had with Kulsum Begum, a talented cook from Hyderabad married into a landed family of Mahmudabad.
In short, this is not the kind of art collection a landed family in the Midlands might normally have been able to put together.
He was a butler for a landed family, and began experimenting with brewing techniques in his own home.
Gerard shows remarkable disciplinary dexterity, shifting nicely from quantitative chapters on landed family and country house servant demography to those on country house childhood, courtship and marriage, parenthood, and women.