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Charley pondered a moment, and then answered, "The tide has edged us over a bit out of our course, but if the fog lifts right now, as it is going to lift, you'll find we're not more than a thousand miles off McNear's Landing.
Toward midnight the wind and sea abated, so that shortly after dawn I determined to make inshore in an attempt to effect a landing, for we were sadly in need of fresh water and food.
The candy-striped pole, which indicates nobility proud and ancient along the palace-bordered canals of Venice, indicated merely the humble barbershop along the main street of Dawson's Landing.
He hit the landing on the other side neatly, for this was a familiar bit of work to him.
He believed himself transported into that famous country of giants into which Gulliver afterward went and was so frightened; and yet he had not gained the goal, for there were still the landing place and the antechamber.
Lashed to the gunwale close at hand a single landing leather that had not fouled the tangled mass beneath whipped free from the ship's side, the hook snapping at its outer end.
That sharp stake at the landing had torn off the strip of batting nailed on the flat.
For two hours after landing the little party stood watching the burning ship which they had abandoned.
The lady, like one to whom silence and quiet were luxuries, lingered on the landing for some time.
At our landing, the captain forced me to cover myself with his cloak, to prevent the rabble from crowding about me.
He had passed and re-passed his Island of Monte Cristo twenty times, but not once had he found an opportunity of landing there.
The other followed him as far as the landing of the outer stairs, and shut the door behind him.