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What was there here in Plymouth Bay to prevent an enemy landing in force and marching where they wished?
Dawson's Landing was a slaveholding town, with a rich, slave-worked grain and pork country back of it.
The lady, like one to whom silence and quiet were luxuries, lingered on the landing for some time.
At our landing, the captain forced me to cover myself with his cloak, to prevent the rabble from crowding about me.
Rising again I scanned the heavens for my pursuers, and finally making out their lights far behind me, saw that they were landing, evidently in search of me.
He believed himself transported into that famous country of giants into which Gulliver afterward went and was so frightened; and yet he had not gained the goal, for there were still the landing place and the antechamber.
Really, my dear Gerard, you are but a child; you think yourself well informed because the telegraph has told you, three days after the landing, `The usurper has landed at Cannes with several men.
The large drops fell bubbling into the water shortly after our leaving the ship, and by the time we had affected a landing it poured down in torrents.
The girl threw open a door, which immediately, without any transition, filled with a flood of light the landing of the staircase, at the top of which Raoul appeared, holding fast by the balustrade.
But Mrs Brooks felt it unsafe to watch on the landing again, and entered her own parlour below.
The other followed him as far as the landing of the outer stairs, and shut the door behind him.
On the landing below, Philip, the footman, stood looking scared and holding another candle.