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6 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Equipment Corporation (NYSE: DEC) today unveiled a comprehensive software suite for the fast growing massively parallel computing segment, including the first mainstream development tool and a new Fortran language compiler.
The first project, now underway, involves an architecture- independent high-level programming language compiler for parallel computers.
In the development of the language compiler, the two companies will provide a unified solution where engineers will be able to leverage their specification language of choice in complex verification workbenches.
Secondly, software may include a number of language compilers which enable a user to program the computer in an easy comprehensive language.
MCUs are optimized for compilers and facilitate such easily programmed languages as C or C++; whereas, fixed-point architectures found in DSPs are not suited for high-level language compilers and require careful assembly language programming to optimize parallelism and performance.
Cloud Compiling, the provider of seamless cloud computing solutions for System z, announced today that IBM invited the company to join IBM's Destination z to provide its suite of virtual language compilers for COBOL, PL/1, Fortran and C/C++ to IBM's System z customers worldwide.

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