LANGUIDUS, practice. The name of a return made by the sheriff, when a defendant whom he has taken by virtue of process is so dangerously sick that to remove him would endanger his life or health. In that case the officer may and ought unquestionably to abstain from removing him, and may permit him to remain even in his own house, in the custody of a follower, though not named in the warrant, he keeping the key of the house in his possession the officer ought to remove him as soon is sufficiently recovered. If there be a doubt as to the state of health of the defendant, the officer should require the attendance and advice of some respectable medical man, and require him, at the peril of the consequences of misrepresentation, to certify in writing whether it be fit to remove the party, or take him to prison within the county. 3 Chit. Pr. 358. For a form of the return of languidus, see 3 Chit. P. 249; T. Chit. Forms, 53.

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(8.) In 1.3, Cynthia accuses the lover-poet of returning to her after sexually exhausting himself (she calls him languidus at 1.3.38) with another woman.
verum ut simulperagantur nobilia pigmenta, anniculo grano languidus sucus, idem a quadrimo evanidus.
Such longings are consummated in the later poems of the Basia, such as Basium 13: "Languid with sweet struggle, my life, I lay lifeless, with my hand stretched upon your neck" ("Languidus e dulci certamine, uita, iaceba [m] / Exanimis, fusa per tua colla manu" [Basium 15, sig.
<<exulto talis quod potius uenit uesanus, atrox, turbidus armiger, quam si ueniret languidus ac tener mollisque ephebus tinctus aromate, qui me pudoris funere perderet.
Agnese, infine, puo addirittura esultare quando vede arrivare la morte sotto forma di un uesanus, atrox, turbidus armiger che la trafiggera con la spada, perche e meno temibile di un languidus ac tener / mollisque ephebus tinctus aromate che potrebbe attentare alla sua castita: e il boia l'uomo che lei desidera, hic, hic amator iam, fateor, placet perche le aprira la strada al regno dei cieli a cui potra accedere come nupta Christo (32).