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certificate of deposit (CD)

n. a document issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money which pays a fixed interest rate for a specified period (from a month to several years). Interest rates on CD's are usually higher than savings accounts because banking institutions require a commitment to leave money in the CD for a fixed period of time. Often there is a financial penalty (fee) for cashing in a CD before the pledged time runs out.

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The laser turntable platter is placed in the open drawer so its bottom pins are in the drawer grooves and the supplied calibration record is put on top of the platter with the label arrow facing out.
Also, according to ELP, the laser turntable requires servicing only once every 10 years.
I found the ELP Laser Turntable to provide the same sound quality as my turntable-cartridge system, without the meticulous setup, record wear potential or as much risk of damage compared to a traditional record playing system.