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Laser Video Distributors and operator of Digitainment, a store that sells DVD and laserdiscs, warns Studios not to follow this practice with DVD.
The burgeoning DVD industry quickly killed the market for new laserdisc titles, and Image was forced to regroup.
Only 25 to 50 compatible laserdisc titles are expected to be published in 1995.
Net sales of DVD and laserdisc programming represented approximately 42% and 58%, respectively, of the Company's total net sales for the six months ended September 30, 1998, compared to 13% and 87%, respectively, for the six months ended September 30, 1997.
information, the on-line edition of Image Preview magazine, DTS information and the latest in DVD and laserdisc releases.
Image Entertainment, scrambling to transform itself from laserdisc to DVD supplier, announced Tuesday that it might post a loss in the current quarter due to problems at its new Las Vegas warehouse.
Nasdaq: DISK), the largest independent distributor of DVD and laserdisc programming, announced today the November DVD release of Kevin Costner's Academy Award-winning classic, Dances With Wolves.
The decline in quarterly total net revenue was due to a 70% decline in Ken Crane's sales of laserdisc programming as DVD sales continue to rise.
Image, a wholesaler converting from being the nation's largest laserdisc supplier to a major DVD presence, said it sold $15.
Acquisition of Ken Crane's DVD and Laserdisc Software Division Solidifies Image's Position as the Largest Independent Supplier of DVDs and Laserdiscs In
com for information regarding the latest DVD, laserdisc and exclusive VHS releases.