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A second DVD disc in the unique and elaborate tri-fold packaging offers the docu plus a 1977 featurette, "Watching the Skies," and 11 deleted scenes, all from the laserdisc.
We found a lot of art references on DVD and laserdisc that actually showed better reproductions of art on the screen than the art books in the library did.
The burgeoning DVD industry quickly killed the market for new laserdisc titles, and Image was forced to regroup.
The track would I have been better employed, as on the laserdisc, by an isolated version of Miklos Rozsa's masterful score.
When laserdiscs started falling apart, they wisely saw the writing on the wall and changed to DVDs.
I think of DVD as sort of a next generation of the laserdisc technology.
At the end of 1995 CEMA estimated that almost 11 million households in America had home theaters, defined as a TV 25 inches or larger, hi-fi stereo VCR or laserdisc player, five speakers and audio/video surround sound receiver.
Although the laserdisc medium is not as popular as videotape, its film quality is noticeably higher.
Disney's video hi-jinks date back further, to 1994 when hawk-eyed videophiles discovered on laserdisc copies of ``Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
We are excited to be partnering with LightScribe to include their innovative laserdisc technology with WinDVD Creator," said Steve Ro, CEO and President of InterVideo.
At last year's Video Software Dealers Association meetings, director Brett Ratner talked about how he would use directors' commentary in laserdisc versions of films like ``The Player'' to understand how great directors did what they do.
Another problem that has to be solved before the plasma TV can be introduced to the consumer is figuring out where other components, such as a VCR, laserdisc, cable box, speakers and wires go, since the plasma TV is constructed to hang on the wall.