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Combination of high voltage of scorotron net (-850V) applied on photoconductor drum to charge it on uniform potential and the strength of laser power (laser strength 12) to selectively discharge preset areas on photoconductor produces an electrostatic latent image (potential difference) of the original document on the surface of drum.
The traditional method for developing the CR latent image was to use a laser beam "flying-spot" that was deflected by an alternating mirror across the advancing PSP imaging plate in a raster fashion.
Wilson insists that "the microscope both undermined confidence in the manifest image of the world and, in supplying a glimpse of a latent image, gave sense to the idea of a nonoccult interpretation of nature" (p.
Upon exposure the plate stores a latent image which is then scanned by the ScanX.
Both devices help to protect important information with the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), which destroys latent data stored on the hard disk drive by writing over the latent image after printing, as well as encryption of the optional hard disk drive.
Visa sticker is rectangular in shape and includes space for an integrated picture; optical variable device (kinegram) logo consisting of the letters indicating the Slovak Republic "E" with a latent image effect; visa label in capital letters, which is depending on the angle of view green or red color; nine-digit number printed visa sticker with special fonts; country code consisting of three letters "SVK".
the latent image of their existence rises from Atget's glass plate.
The Series also limits the potential for latent image data by performing all functions without a hard disk drive.
Upon exposure, the plate stores a latent image which is then scanned by the system.