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2 The latent image in Xeroradiophotography, in contrast, comprise both negative and positive charges that attract opposite charges of fine-grain toner to make a more visible image.
Ironically, an early (circa 1987) integrated CR system for chest imaging, the Konica Direct Digitizer (KDD), incorporated a linear scanning mechanism (rather than advancing the PSP imaging plate) and used a special PSP material that had an extremely short luminescence rate and concomitant rapid spontaneous fading of the latent image.
The note's security features also include a multi-toned watermark that has the same motif as the hologram (a stag surrounded with floral motifs) and the denomination, a latent image, an intaglio raster feature, a raised embossed feature for the visually impaired, see through register, SICPA's Spark Live[R]--an optically variable magnetic ink feature and--making its appearance for the first time in a banknote--De La Rue's new Active[TM] windowed security thread.
The metallic silver ink at the bottom left of the banknote is replaced by a multicolour latent image.
Duosecure+ adds currency-level intaglio print with micro text, fine tactile lines and a latent image.
We solve for the camera motion at a high sampling rate during an exposure and infer the latent image using a joint optimization.
With computed radiography systems, the latent image is formed as an electronic signal, which can be digitized and stored for display on a computer monitor, printed on a laser printer or transmitted for long-term storage.
PDI rates Prisma white-light safe, with "excellent" latent image stability and the same dot quality, durability, low water use, ability to come to color quickly, faster make ready and ink and paper savings as PDI's conventional bimetal plate.
The vertical band on the right side of the Mahatma Gandhis portrait hitherto contained a latent image showing the denominational numeral 50.
An S number less than 50 indicates severe overexposure, to the degree that the erase stage of the computer cannot eliminate all traces of the original latent image.
presentation of a Latent Image production, in association w/th the NSW Film & TV Office.
It is designed to work with the Unigram[R], JSC Holography's own branded holographic image incorporating a latent image.