Lateral Support

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Lateral Support

The right of a landowner to have his or her property naturally upheld by the adjoining land or the soil beneath.The adjoining owner has the duty not to alter the land, such as by lowering it, so as to cause the support to be weakened or removed.


Adjoining Landowners.

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lateral support

n. the right of a land owner assuring that his/her neighbor's land will provide support against any slippage, cave-in or landslide. Should the adjoining owner excavate into the soil for any reason (foundation, basement, leveling) then there must be a retaining wall constructed (or other protective engineering) to prevent a collapse. A classic example: a developer excavated into a hill along both the western and southern lines to create a pad for an apartment building and delayed putting in the retaining wall. Cracks appeared in the buildings next to the digging site, and the owners filed lawsuit asking for an injunction to require the developer to build a wall. The judge so ordered, but the cave-in occurred anyway, the neighboring buildings toppled into the hole, and, in the subsequent lawsuit by the owners of the neighboring fallen buildinga the developer had to pay the entire value of the buildings which were destroyed. Most lateral support problems are less dramatic.

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This setup also includes a rear stabilizer bar and a lateral support link, giving the truck impressive stability, something drivers will find especially reassuring when towing on winding roads or in crosswinds.
In the second case, in order to diminish this risk, the decision was made to add alar batten grafts in order to provide lateral support to the newly flipped alar cartilages and prevent late recurrence of collapse (arrow in Figure 2H, J).
Dual-forged support bosses on the hooks also increase durability by providing lateral support for precise latch/hook alignment and engagement.
Lateral support is very important as you want your foot to be stable and supported when moving side-to-side, hence these shoes are stiffer than running shoes.
Application: Rear axle lateral support for heavy truck for Volvo-Mack.
The AMG C43 also comes with sporty seats that not only look sporty and stylish but they also offer optimum lateral support perfect for long rides and sharp turns.
"Modern skis are designed to be driven by medial and lateral support, so we can make a boot with an open chassis system for comfort and easy entry, with enough support to provide that medial-lateral energy transfer; we encourage skiers to see how well it works," says Neiley.
Firstly, a thoracic stent graft with a lateral support strut should be used; the strut can be used as an important marker of the fenestration.
More lateral support and comfort: AMG performance seats
Inside, the sports front seats have additional lateral support to the base and backrest plus integral headrests, blue top-stitching and a chequered logo.
On the inside the GT's sports front seats feature additional lateral support to the base and backrest and integral headrests, blue top-stitching and a chequered logo.

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