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Over 40 per cent of small to medium-sized enterprises would stop trade with a customer if paid late, 38 per cent of companies withhold supplies from late paying accounts, 80 per cent of businesses have heard of the Late Payment Act but only 34.
Tonight's race is also round six of the Super Late Model Miller Lite Big 10 Challenge, a series of 10 selected races with an added prize-money bonus going to the top drivers at the end of the season.
Worcester does, however, ask some important questions that deserve further study: To what extent does Camus in Paris in the early years of the reign of Louis XIII "preach a collective piety such as that of [Barbara] Diefendorf's late sixteenth-century preachers?
The Act gave them the right to charge bigger businesses interest on late payments and from this November will be extended to enable small businesses to charge other small businesses interest when payments are delayed.
Next, identify the primary areas of concern for people in late adulthood.
KRISTIN JONES: How did you come to make Late August, Early September?
He said: "If we had beaten the Late Late in the ratings I would have been extraordinarily surprised, probably to the extent of having to be hospitalised.
An infinitely evocative symbol of creative aspiration, Mallarme's birds (at times a virgin-white swan) seem to beat their wings across the poetry of Braque's late "Studios.
investigated one particularly simple case to see if a late phase transition involving neutrinos would evolve into the kind of structures observed in the universe.
She claimed that the Late Late Show greyhound - given to the TV show by Bord na gCon - was just the latest casualty.
But just as there is no agreement among folks as to whether Jay Leno or David Letterman deserves to reign as the king of late night, there is divergent opinion on whether "The Late Shift" does their behind-the-scenes story justice.