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Not for profit charity organisation Lattitude Global Volunteering provides 17-to-25 year olds from all over the world with volunteering opportunities overseas, but has funding available exclusively within the West Midlands area, until March 31.
These days, the Lattitude 22 ladies busily bake around 2,600 oatcakes, among other healthy baked goods, three days a week in a rented kitchen space at the Kalihi Pacific Gateway Center.
The large process lattitude can be carried out at a minimum cost since no new facility investments are needed.
In also theatre there's so much more lattitude in what you can do," he explains.
The NSO studies also show that the next solar cycle, which should produce a peak number of sunspots just after the turnof the century, began in 1990 at a lattitude of 70 degrees, overlapping the current solar cycle.
A recession could hurt because the only place the average guy has the lattitude to stretch is his food budget, so there could be some economizing on food.
INNOVATION AND ENTERPRISE AWARD The Flood Company Commercial Ltd NOMINEES: Skin Solutions, Lattitude SPONSOR: University of Huddersfield HISTORY: Formed in 2012 and based at Edgerton, The Flood Company Commercial Ltd is a specialist supplier and installer of flood protection products for domestic and commercial properties in the UK and also exports to countries including Germany, France and parts of Africa.