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LAUNCHES. Small vessels employed to carry the cargo of a large one to and from the shore; lighters. (q.v.)
     2. The goods on board of a launch are at the risk of the insurers till landed. 5 N. S. 887. The duties and rights of the master of a launch are the same as those of the master of a lighter.

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About four years ago, in fact, DOD decided to start leaning more heavily on ELVs again in its own launches, rather than relying on the shuttle.
Due to the minimal amount of specialized infrastructure that is required to support Minotaur launches, they can also be deployed at other U.
There have been five successful Minotaur II flights to date with three additional launches scheduled in 2007.
This clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the team, improves efficiency and effectiveness of implementation, and better aligns our launches with the needs of the market," said Sharon Troisi, Avaya's Global Launch Manager.
com the world's premier supplier of low-cost space access, has announced that it has added three new launches to its launch calendar.
Land Launch is based on the collaboration of the Sea Launch Company and Space International Services (SIS), both international companies, to meet the launch needs of an emerging market for dedicated commercial launches in the medium spacecraft mass range.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The Ariane 5 ECA rocket has solidified its position as the leading rocket for satellite launches.