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LAUNCHES. Small vessels employed to carry the cargo of a large one to and from the shore; lighters. (q.v.)
     2. The goods on board of a launch are at the risk of the insurers till landed. 5 N. S. 887. The duties and rights of the master of a launch are the same as those of the master of a lighter.

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government launches, with a total value greater than US$8 billion.
At the Goddard Space Flight Center's Wallops Island facility, one of the oldest launch sites in the world, NASA launches about 35 suborbital rockets a year.
has been selected by NASA Lewis Research Center for negotiations leading to two firm Atlas launches and seven options for the Intermediate Expendable Launch Vehicle (IELV) program.
Minotaur I launches have now put a total of 24 satellites into orbit.
General Dynamics has commitments for 30 launches through the 1990s including 22 commercial and eight Air Force missions.
There have been ten successful launches of Minotaur I and II vehicles to date.
CLS has commitments for 25 commercial launches through the 1990s.
The particularly exciting news is that we now have two launches that will be conducted back-to-back from the Spaceport.
UP Aerospace is scheduling up to 30 space launches per year from New Mexico's "Spaceport America".
Today's successful launch of the newest member in our family of launch vehicles is a quality tribute to our factory team, our launch team and our suppliers as we begin the re-start of Atlas launches from the Cape," said Michael W.