Law Day

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Law Day

The date prescribed in a bond, mortgage, or deed for payment of the debt; the maturity date. May 1st, observed in schools, public assemblies, and courts, in honor of our legal system.

In regard to real property, the law day is the final date fixed by the court on which the debtor can pay off the mortgage debt, redeem the real estate, and prevent it from being sold after foreclosure proceedings are commenced.

The definition of law day, also known as law date, varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some states define law day as the actual due date of the mortgage or any day thereafter until foreclosure, while others view the date of foreclosure and law day as synonymous. In some jurisdictions, the day fixed in the contract for the closing of title is the law day.

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A presentation was also made to the winner of the local bar association's annual Law Day essay contest, Nothando Khumalo, an eighth-grader and straight-A student at Our Lady of the Valley School in Uxbridge.
Ticket sales were significantly below average for that Law Day luncheon, despite my best efforts to pump up interest.
The winners were announced on Law Day, April 17, 2007 and invited to Ottawa for a visit to the Supreme Court, Parliament, the Museum of Civilization and dinner with the Chief Justice of Canada.
VALENCIA -- Provocative and timely legal issues -- from gangsta rap lyrics to the Virginia Tech shootings -- will be addressed today at a Law Day forum at College of the Canyons.
Related to this, 15 Leagues recently organized forums for Law Day on May 1st under this year's theme "Liberty under Law: Separate Branches, Balanced Powers.
com (WBAL Baltimore's online news) reported that on May 2 the Baltimore County Bar Association, in a Law Day observance, recognized Katlyn's bravery with a first-of-its-kind citizen honor.
That could be titled Denis Law Day after the soccer legend's birthday in 1940.
The month of May brings Law Day, the celebration of the rule of law and, by extension, the role of lawyers in America.
WASHINGTON -- While participating in the American Bar Association's 2012 Law Day event today, Lisa A.
Today is a small victory for the Wienckowski family, who has been vigorously pushing for Amanda Lynn s Law day after day, and I hope they can finally breathe a small sigh of relief knowing that the crime now fits the punishment.
DES MOINES, Iowa, April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has formally proclaimed May 1 Law Day in Iowa.