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6) Despite its value, some law enforcement agencies often do not view electronic recording as a priority because many courts still accept confession evidence based solely on an investigator's oral testimony and written reports.
In 2005, law enforcement agencies reported that 4,691 hate crime offenses were racially motivated.
Without guidance, some law enforcement agencies began to inappropriately make up their own protocols - including the LAPD, which currently has a multi-tier review process - to screen and decide what information should be turned over to prosecutors.
A pilot Secret Service web site allows law enforcement agencies and currency handlers worldwide to report instances of counterfeiting.
Uniting these two technologies benefits law enforcement agencies as well as the citizens they serve.
It reads, "The most effective weapon against crime is cooperation--the efforts of all law enforcement agencies with the support and understanding of the American people.
To avoid these problems and provide nationwide uniformity in crime reporting, standardized offense definitions by which law enforcement agencies were to submit data without regard for local statutes were formulated.
In submitting data to the national UCR Program, law enforcement agencies count one offense for each victim of crimes against persons.
law enforcement agencies to apprehend criminal enterprises before they can cause harm to consumers and banking organizations.
With more than 300 law enforcement agencies connected to the network supporting more than 800 locations from the Georgia border to Key West, FDLE has standardized on SPYRUS as the security platform for accessing a broad range of data and applications by all authorized Florida law enforcement officials.
The fully integrated automated records management system delivers real-time information for increased data accuracy and timeliness to law enforcement agencies.
He has provided assistance to the Departments of State and Treasury, and each of the many other federal administrative and law enforcement agencies responsible for Bank Secrecy Act-related matters.

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