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A senior law enforcer told Daily Times that terrorists were using areas with an Afghan-majority for hiding.
Justice Chaudhry reprimanding the law enforcer said that it seemed that they might have written the reports in their drawing rooms.
They continue, "Only 5 percent of the law enforcers in our sample were real evildoers.
Three Rangers and two police personnel also got injured in the 13 hand grenade attacks on the law enforcers.
24 (Xinhua-ANI): Dodging the eyes of law enforcers, a group of people all of a sudden Monday afternoon staged demonstration in front of the U.
However, warnings and remarks of law enforcers were ineffective.
Raids: Separately, various teams of law enforcers conducted several raids at Afghan-majority areas across the city, from where they took seven more suspects into custody and shifted them to an undisclosed location.
He clarified that the federal minister stated only that some weapons of Israeli origin have been recovered by law enforcers in Karachi from some of the criminals.
Outlaws are at large and law enforcers have failed to ensure security to the lives of masses, they alleged.
Deputy Foreign Minister Beshimov extended condolences over death of law enforcers of Tajikistan, who participated in the special operation aimed to neutralize the group of militants.
Soon after the incident law enforcers cordoned off the area and started search to get clue to the perpetrators.
Some of the past ``reel'' law enforcers to be on hand are Earl Holliman, James B.

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