Law of the Land

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Law of the Land

The designation of general public laws that are equally binding on all members of the community.

The law of the land, embodied in the U.S. Constitution as Due Process of Law, includes all legal and equitable rules defining Human Rights and duties and providing for their protection and enforcement, both between the state and its citizens and between citizens.

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law of the land

n. a slang term for existing laws.

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'Aleema Khan or whoever, the recovery would be made according to law of the land,' Hammad Azhar asserted.
(3) The law of the land in my opinion needs a massive update.
The court said without introducing appropriate amendments in the criminal law in vogue in the country there is little scope for canvasing such collateral or incidental punishments for a person and as long as the law of the land stands as it is all the fruits and effects of acquittal have to be extended to such person on the basis of a complete and lawful compounding of the offence with him.
'The court ruling is likewise an assertion of the supremacy of the fundamental law of the land,' he said.
However, these provisions of the Penal Code, 2008 contradicts the provisions of the supreme law of the land under article 21 (1) of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, 2011.
Allowing police stops if based only on evidence of a violation may be the "law of the land," but only in the most abstract and irrelevant sense of that term.
This accounts for only 27 per cent of the 1,03,382 hectares they were legally obligated to provide ( see box, Law of the land).
He spoke at the event hosted by the Pakistan Association on Friday evening, where he also urged Pakistanis to follow the law of the land. "If you do not respect the law, you are heading for self destruction," he said.
Krishna spoke to his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman and assured that the law of the land will take its course and culprits will be brought to justice.
And he insisted: "The law of the land should not be stopped by crozier, or by collar."
The statement said: "Some people have been indulging in illegal activities, which are against the law of the land", and have not been abiding by the statements to abjure from violent activities, issued by the Council of Ministers, Majlis Al Shura, the National Commission for Human Rights and the office of the Grand Mufti.