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When in this position, the laws of gravity and the give in the bed can encourage the back to arch in the opposite direction to prone lying ie a position of relative flexion.
In Speed, an explosive-laden bus defied the laws of gravity to leap across a 50ft gap, while in Independence Day, an invading alien race, far more technologically advanced than our own, was thwarted by a computer virus uploaded from the hero's laptop.
And its script is enormously talky, often referring to a back story so complicated and full of faceless names that the mind just shuts off from it all.Throughout, it's also very hard to feel much empathy or fear for humans in a "Road Runner" world where the laws of gravity do not apply.
The laws of gravity being what they are, it was very soon afterwards that this highly personal stream began heading remorselessly down the sloping stage towards the audience.
It's adhesive and to do that would defy the laws of gravity."
Meet The Family's rider Paddy Flood and Querido's jockey Andrew McNamara both defied the laws of gravity to keep their partnerships intact
will handle the complex simulation required for the creation of virtual worlds, such as a ball being thrown, which must recognise the laws of gravity.
on November 8, and continuing into the wee hours of the morning teams from 42 of the city's most prestigious firms risk their reputations as they assemble structures using little more than cans, tape, and cardboard in their attempts to defy the laws of gravity while building true works of art.
The controls are unfamiliar, much remains hidden behind the cockpit door, and flying seems to defy fundamental laws of gravity. Air travel launches us away from the familiarity of the earth.
"It's all being done with real actors and real action bound by the laws of gravity. It's all historically rooted.
Ong-Bak nevertheless issues a cinematic challenge to the laws of gravity, mass, and weight.
Newton is famous for discovering the laws of gravity, but his locks were most likely contaminated during his many experiments with the mystery element.