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Sysix Technologies' in depth knowledge of Lawson products and experienced consulting staff made them the ideal partner to implement Lawson Insight for CSU.
The LAWSON INSIGHT Healthcare Business Management applications strongly complement the SMS NOVIUS family of clinical, financial and administrative solutions, and will help our customers achieve measurable business outcomes.
The LAWSON INSIGHT Business Management System provides four fully-integrated process suites that support and facilitate the cross-functional execution of business processes: LAWSON INSIGHT Financials, Human Resources, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, plus the Performance Indicator Suite for executive decision support and the Application Designer Suite, a set of self-evident tools which allows end-users to customize reports, forms and charts.
IT FACTORY's award-winning Notes application development environment also enables Notes professionals to rapidly build custom Notes/Domino applications that are seamlessly integrated with LAWSON INSIGHT II.
NOTE: Lawson and LAWSON INSIGHT are registered trademarks of Lawson Software.
The LAWSON INSIGHT Financials OLAP module transports data between the Lawson relational data store and the Arbor Essbase OLAP Server.
LAWSON INSIGHT Employee and Manager Web Service Centers provide employees and managers the ability to use state-of-the-art web technology for specific human resource tasks -- at a great savings in people and cost resources.
It is currently running live on LAWSON INSIGHT II Financials, Human Resources and Supply Chain Suites.