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A popular designation of a legal proceeding between two parties in the courts, instituted by one party to compel another to do himself or herself justice, regardless of whether the action is based upon law or Equity.

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n. a common term for a legal action by one person or entity against another person or entity, to be decided in a court of law, sometimes just called a "suit." The legal claims within a lawsuit are called "causes of action." (See: cause of action, case, suit)

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a proceeding in a court of law brought by one party against another.
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The lawsuits seek damages for the trade secret theft. One lawsuit alleges that Zoox and four former employees of Tesla--Scott Turner, Christian Dement, Craig Emigh and Sydney Cooper of misusing Tesla's proprietary information for boosting Zoox's warehousing, logistics, and inventory control operations.  The lawsuit slams Zoox for "blatant and intentional" use of its proprietary technologies after wresting it from ex-staffers.
NEW YORK (AP) -- A part owner of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" is suing Ed Sheeran for $100 million after getting blocked from a similar lawsuit brought by other copyright owners.
According to Partner, it is reviewing and assessing the lawsuits and is unable at this preliminary stage, to evaluate, with any degree of certainty, the probability of success of the lawsuits or the range of potential exposure, if any.
Ferry filed the lawsuit in Lane County Circuit Court against McKenzie-Willamette and McKenzie Physician Services, the physicians group at the hospital.
Fujifilm wins patent lawsuit against Motorola Mobility
Financial cases constituted 40 per cent of the total lawsuits involving the government; 30 per cent was related to cancellation and compensation; rent 15 per cent; and medical error 9 per cent.
The trend of lawsuits has caused concerns for the Chamber Institute.
Nine percent of financial institutions that have failed since 2007 have been the subject of FDIC lawsuits, the report said.
For more InsideCounsel coverage of the NFL concussion lawsuits, see below: 2,000 football players unify lawsuit against NFL Federal panel ponders merging NFL player concussion lawsuits More hard knocks for NFL
There are four types of lawsuit lending in which the key factor is the likelihood of obtaining a settlement: