Lay people

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LAY PEOPLE. By this expression was formerly understood jurymen. Finch's Law, B. 4, p. 381 Eunom. Dial. 2, Sec. 51, p. 151.

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our lay people are becoming more and more socially engaged.
Nowadays, the sisters usually take night shifts and lay people cover the day, according to Sister Maria Friedman, who schedules two people for every hour.
Although Church leaders and lay people may disagree on a number of other issues, such as birth control and the death penalty, they are very much on the same page when it comes to these core beliefs.
This book is ideal for clergy and for lay people who lead worship.
4 percent identified lay people and 14 percent religious as the people with whom they have the most difficulty relating.
In the chapter for married lay people we read that St.
With such increasingly widespread tools, more analysts, researchers, planners, graphic designers, and lay people lacking basic cartography training have been creating maps that appear slick on the surface but contain internal flaws due to common beginner mistakes.
Roughly, three different types of evidence can be distinguished: scientific data, observations of health professionals, and personal experiences of lay people.
33) This belief created freedom with which lay people were allowed to express their religious sentiments.
Designed to bring dance professionals and lay people into contact with one another, this former home to the administrative services of Pantin has since undergone a 15-million-Euro transformation into an inviting mecca for movement.
I'd like to comment on the May Sounding Board ("Put lay people in the pulpit