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LAITY. Those persons who do not make a part of the clergy. In the United States the division of the people into clergy and laity is not authorized by law, but is, merely conventional.

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Joseph Parish in suburban New Hope will schedule its usual rotation of lay preachers before Mass but they will not vest or process, said Martha Blenkush, a lay preacher and a board member of Partners in Preaching.
His father was a car salesman and an electrical engineer, but was a lay preacher in his spare time.
The judge made the comments at Sheffield Crown Court as he sentenced Bowling to life in prison for the murder of lay preacher Alan Greaves, 68.
THE widow of a lay preacher who was murdered on his way to a Christmas service has told his funeral about her determination "to turn aside from hatred, vengeance, unforgiveness and retaliation towards those who had killed him".
We won't be going back on the bus until the matter is resolved because we are being verbally abused, and the last thing you want is to be physically abused," a lay preacher Lawson told the Gleaner.
The choirmaster was Bill Hall and the lay preacher was Mr Barnes.
Raymond Taylor Duncan, a retired lay preacher, has more than 100 books and 42 volumes of photographs and newspaper cuttings.
My half-brother (20 years younger than me) is a lay preacher and he and his family live in America's Bible belt.
Hundreds attended his funeral at Capel Mawr, Rhos, yesterday with many heartfelt tributes to his commitment to his community, his dedication to his wife Mair and his family as well as his work as a teacher and as a lay preacher.
Edwards Sayer, a lay preacher in the Diocese of Southwell and a law lecturer at South East Derbyshire College, had planned to buy a villa in Antibes, France, and a house just outside Paris.
My father, a Methodist lay preacher at Lackenby and Lazenby, was a boy scout leader with 25 years' service.
Mr Jones, who was a former MEP and is a Methodist lay preacher, has spent years looking for new photos and his book West Bromwich Memories is being launched on Saturday, September 23.