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Smith, 35, fell behind on the layoffs monitoring project but caught up with the numbers by July.
A review of the collective bargaining agreements operating in Washington's 10 largest school districts shows that all use seniority as a basis for determining layoffs, and 8 of these districts use seniority as the only determinant of which teachers get laid off.
The certified employee will be preferred over any probationary or provisional employee, any applicant on an eligible list for the vacant position, any certified employee having less continuous service, and any certified employee requesting lateral transfer who is not subject to layoff.
Doug Myers, president of United Steelworkers Local 309, said the layoffs were unexpected.
We take these things seriously and we recognize that it's people impacted by the layoffs," Mack said.
Last year, several large law firms were brave enough to discuss their layoffs of both staff and attorneys publicly, and many more did it quietly.
It's going to come down to what each individual selectman wants - layoffs or go into our savings," Mr.
In a previous paper examining the responses of 410 middle and front-line managers, we found evidence that those who had implemented layoffs were more likely to report increased distancing behavior than those who had not been directly involved in the layoffs.
One sticking point is that the newspaper has refused to extend health care benefits after the layoffs take effect, according to the Guild.
More than 1,500 flight attendants represented by the Association of Flight Attendants have accepted a voluntary layoff programme, removing the need for flight attendants to be given involuntary layoffs.
Still, it's a risky approach that may be a recipe for a lawsuit because the so-called layoff gives the impression that the employee will be returning when the economy recovers or when revenues rise.
The distribution of extended layoffs by the size of the layoff shows an interesting picture, too.