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If this were easy, all lazy people would be successful.
His father, however, was not keen on his being a professional musician, feeling this was for lazy people and a great waste of time (un gran pejuicio).
However, lazy people are good sometimes because they will always find a way to do the job in a very quick way, they will rely on other people to do their job, which can be good.
The lazy people who refuse to work are, in reality, the tax avoiders who are getting $2.
Do not employ lazy people or drunkards for security work because they will not be sincere.
Talking about the outsourcing of the authority's Benefit Advice service to save PS200,000, he said: "Welfare rights last year in Denbighshire brought in over PS11 million in increased benefits, which includes Tax Credits, a benefit for working families, this is not about giving money to lazy people.
The NHS should be spending money on things that matter, not on fat, lazy people, who 'People need to take responsibility for themselves, not rely on an easy fix,' everyone crows.
These "are small issues that can be resolved as they appear,'' she said, adding, "It might result in certain tensions for the lazy people who do not want to make progress.
Margaret McEllenborough added: "It's not the outlets to blame, it's the lazy people who buy the food who can't be bothered to dispose of their wrappings responsibly.
15 ( ANI ): Researchers have said that pills could be developed in the future which is going to motivate those lazy people.
I WORK beside a few lazy people and really think it should be made easier for bosses to get rid of them.
Orsted writes songs about messy, lazy people with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but her 16-year commitment to music and the clear-eyed passion of her singing suggests she might actually have her shit together.