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While working hard has been celebrated as a virtue, the lazy people of the world have always found smart hacks to get work done with minimal possible effort.
He recalled that when he was mayor of Olongapo City decades ago, he launched the campaign 'bawal ang tamad dito (lazy people are not allowed here)," which had the same effect of minimizing people seen idling outside their homes.
My grandmother, however, considered it a habit of lazy people. So I asked myself: How come the 'lazy' Spaniards conquered the world?
Then you get the lazy people who have never worked a day in their life and get everything.
I'm one of the lazy people who talks a good game about doing a massive spring clean but ends up getting motivated by mid-summer and ends up doing a winter clean by the time I get around to buying the actual cleaning products.
I came to the conclusion that it was for hand spin drying a doll's wet laundry, while it was in fact a hand-cranked vegetable slicer and peeler for lazy people who have not yet mastered the use and function of a sharp knife.
There is nothing worse than the same lazy people who just get to sit around and do nothing.
At one point there was a whole team of excellent rubbish collectors and the area was kept tidy despite the lazy people who throw rubbish on the ground.
"Lazy people are always anxious to be doing something." - Luc de Clapiers
Souk el-Tanabel ("Market of the Lazy People"), where the veggies are sold pre-prepared.