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In society, we have delusions in our heads; we all have had our minds made up for us by the representation of big women in the media as ugly, lazy people.
They are lazy people who don't have any work to do," he said.
Traditionally associated with "promiscuity, slothfulness and lazy people," McKay says there are a lot of high-achieving people who worked out of their beds, including Marcel Proust, Mark Twain, John Milton, Sibelius, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and a woman in Beverly Hills who is owner of the patent for the push-up bra.
But it was not a matter of bad and lazy people simply not doing their jobs, says Kramer, the William R.
Former Microsoft boss Bill Gates said he chose lazy people to do tough jobs because "they find an easy way to do it".
Voice-activated computers were originally created to allow the blind to more easily use technology, but obviously they were found to be quite "productive" for lazy people and everyone will soon have one saving you the energy of typing
Sara Jevo And while they're at it let's have spot fines issued to lazy people who think it's OK to sit outside Only one word for him?
I can, however, see a good reason for using clear bags so rubbish is disposed of in the proper containers and our neighbourhoods stop resembling rubbish tips because of the selfish actions of quite a few lazy people.
It doesn't matter that these lazy people let their dogs poo on the grassy areas, children still walk there.
I am thankful to the writer of 'A time for lazy people to be more productive ' (GDN, December 16) for informing us that any additional leisure time gained by spillover holidays provides opportunity to spend more time with family, do public services, engage in hobbies and other useful and pleasant activities.
France is now a country of lazy people - a very lazy country.