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Scales and mealybugs are often difficult to detect due to their small size and habit of concealment beneath leaf sheaths and crevices.
2] of two fully developed central leaves of each cultivar were collected at 3 cm above the leaf sheath to analyse the characteristics of the area that is most attacked by thrips and that is positioned to receive diffuse reflectance.
The results showed that triple-cropping of Sugarcane in spite of higher dense planting, but in leaf sheath moisture, leaf Nitrogen, ridge EC, qualitative situations of cultivar, plant height, stem diameter and number of shoots, had not any significant difference with double-cropping of Sugarcane on the ridge.
This phenomenon can be attributed to plant transpiration which causes substantial evaporation of water content and leads to the deposition of minerals primarily in leaf blade and leaf sheath.
The highest concentration of Na and Cl in leaf sheaths and stem were found when the maize plants were irrigated throughout the cycle with high salinity water (T5).
This growing point is surrounded by the lower portions of several leaf sheaths.
Cotyledonary sheath First leaf sheath, which may be open laterally or apically; if apically, it may or may not have a coleoptile.
This disease initially infects maize at the first and second leaf sheath above the ground and then spreads upward to infect the ear (Song et al.
The women also grate the corm itself and mix this with the leaf sheath pulp.
Itthe fibers from the leaf sheath are made into rope, leaves are woven into household stuffs and seeds made into beads.
Symptoms of sugarcane infested by Abacarus doctus in El Salvador: detail of the infested leaves with bronzed spots on leaf sheath.