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Because Palestine was a League of Nations mandate, the British could not issue colonial coinage with the image of King George V.
According to Dodge, the failure of Britain to adequately fulfil its League of Nations mandate "created the basis to the political instability and violence that has come to dominate Iraq.
Until Israel accepts a peace agreement, America must insist on its rights including the right to settle Judea and Samaria as set out in the League of Nations Mandate.
Dayan was born in 1915 and grew up in a Palestine governed by a British authority under a League of Nations mandate.
The French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon was a League of Nations Mandate created at the end of World War I.
Ovadia Sofer, a former Israeli ambassador to Paris, says France is not a disinterested observer in the Middle East, recalling it held the League of Nations mandate to rule Syria and Lebanon following World War I.
Before Israel's emergence as a state, the Jews had formed two militant organizations - the Irgun in 1931 and the Stern Gang or Lehi, in 1940, when Britain governed Palestine under its League of Nations mandate.
The right of the Jews to live in the West Bank," states Tobin, "was guaranteed in the League of Nations mandate for Palestine, which was the last sovereign in that area recognized by everyone.
In the Preface of The Statehood of Palestine, Quigley writes, "the identity and character of Palestine have long been an enigma," and thus he turns to describe, in the first three sections (fifteen chapters), the movement from Ottoman control, through the League of Nations Mandate and the post-Mandate war of 1948, then going on to deal with the international reaction to attempts to forge Palestinian statehood.
Tunisia and Morocco were subjected to French rule, but scholars and statesmen looked covetously at Lebanon and Syria; an ambition that was achieved within the constraints of a League of Nations mandate after the First World War.
And Britain had taken control of Tanganyika from Germany through a League of Nations mandate in 1919, three years before Nyerere was born.
Do you know anything about the League of Nations mandate in 1922?

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