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Not insofar as I could judge the opinions of the majority of those present at the conference, which were that either the simple proclamation of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 or its incorporation in the League of Nations Mandate in 1922 made a division of the new Palestine more or less inevitable.
24) At the same time, the opinion touched on, if it did not cover, the legally relevant history of Palestine, including the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine; (25) the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially the history of that conflict since the Six Day War of June 1967; (26) and the international law of self-defense, terrorism, and the boundaries of Israel, among other things.
During World War I, Iraq was occupied by Britain and declared a League of Nations mandate under British administration.
Until Israel accepts a peace agreement, America must insist on its rights including the right to settle Judea and Samaria as set out in the League of Nations Mandate.
The French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon was a League of Nations Mandate created at the end of World War I.
Ovadia Sofer, a former Israeli ambassador to Paris, says France is not a disinterested observer in the Middle East, recalling it held the League of Nations mandate to rule Syria and Lebanon following World War I.
The right of the Jews to live in the West Bank," states Tobin, "was guaranteed in the League of Nations mandate for Palestine, which was the last sovereign in that area recognized by everyone.
And Britain had taken control of Tanganyika from Germany through a League of Nations mandate in 1919, three years before Nyerere was born.
According to the scholars, it was Great Britain when it controlled the region under League of Nations mandate in the 1920s that first used chemical weapons in the region to quell Arab uprisings.
Christian support was sought and successfully recruited later when Britain, in 1920, accepted the League of Nations mandate to carry out that goal, although of course there were by that time other collateral issues at play, such as Britain's interest in protecting the Suez Canal and asserting itself in oil-rich Iraq.
The Balfour Declaration of 1917, calling for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people," was endorsed by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, drafted at the San Remo Conference in 1920, and adopted unanimously two years later.
Syria had lost Alexandretta, an Arabic-speaking Ottoman province that France, which then controlled Syria under a League of Nations mandate, ceded to the Republic of Turkey in 1939.

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